Saturday, November 23, 2013

So how much should Sony sell the PS4+PS Vita ultimate bundle for?

 The Playstation 4+PS Vita ultimate bundle is finally a reality.Now that the remote play feature is working great,the demand for both sony's consoles will be high.Playstation 4 sales are on fire right now,so Sony wants to take advantage of this interest and sell more units of it's powerful handheld.But how much should Sony sell this bundle to be successful?
 First of all we have to see how much are the production costs.From a recent survey we have been informed that PS4 cost is about $381.Playstation Vita,when first released about 2 years ago,had a cost of $160 approximately according to UBM techinsights.This number is probably lower by now but we can't tell that for sure.So to sum up,the cost for both consoles is about $500-$540.
 The realistic price for the bundle is $550(maybe with a game or a 3month ps+ subscription to sweeten the deal),but if Sony wants to bring the competition down they should price it for $500(XBOX one price) even selling with a little loss,making profit from software and accessories.

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