Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An amazingly designed new PS Vita user interface concept(video)

 PS Vita's user interface seems to annoy a lot of its owners basically because of the bubbles icons and its smartphone like appearence.So a Behance designer Rafal Czaniecki has designed an amazing new PlayStation Vita user interface.
 Designer wrote about its UI project :
"I`ve bought PSVita recently and instead of playing games, I`ve started to redesign the UI over few weekends. PSVita original UI is such a pain for me. It have some nice animations, and sometimes looks cute, but the clash of the hardware and software is so obvious :) Other that that, I hate how Vita tries to act like a smartphone. It`s a gaming device with games in the center of attention. That`s what I wanted to achieve - look and feel that fits to the hardware and more game-focused character"
 Maybe it is time for Sony to consider a new PS Vita user interface?

PSVita UI Concept from RafaƂ Czaniecki on Vimeo.


  1. This is a very nice UI you have thought up here, It gives me a GNOME3 feel but honestly I am very OK with that
    I hope SCE gives you a call so we can finally have a good UI on the Vita but as we all know SCE doesn't care about the Vita any more :/

    With that said tho I understand why go with the Live Area we have now since while not the best looking thing it does get the job done

  2. i have mortal kombat for psp2 or ps vita your
    is too much like smartphone