Thursday, August 28, 2014

EA NHL 15 running great on the PS Vita via remote play

The lack of the most sport game series is well known and very annoying for the PS Vita. We had the annual same Fifa game every year, the excellent launch title Virtua Tennis 4, one Madden title and the Mlb series. But the complete lack of an icehockey and an NBA basketball is a shame because i always think that sports games are great for a handheld device even if we play inferior editions.

 The only thing that PSVita owners can do to play an ice hockey game is via remote play unfortunately, but of course NHL 15 runs great as you can see from the video below and you play the nex gen version with very little sacrifices. Remote play is certainly a great feature!


  1. IF you're connected to WIFI. Give us ONE NHL game on the Vita! You can't even get the PSP NHL game on the Vita. Every year when hockey season rolls around again, I'm DYING for a true portable NHL game. =(

  2. Agreed. Hockey is my all time favorite gaming franchise. Please give us one hockey game on Vita!!!

  3. I wont buy the vita til nhl comes out