Thursday, April 3, 2014

PS4's trophy sync error NP-32157-8 fix

An annoying problem has appeared to many PS4 users where you cannot sync your thophies,experiencing an error called NP-32157-8(pic and video below).
 The problem remains whether you are logged in the PSN as well as you play offline.Here is a simple fix that might help you sync your trophies.When you notice that you are having this problem continue playing the game you were playing in order to get one more trophy.As soon as you receive the notification,hit the PS button on your controller and go to notifications and select the trophy notification. This will sync the trophies and remove the error.
 The problem is old enough(video below is from December 24th) and Sony should have fixed it with the latest updates,but NP-32157-8 error remains.Hope for a proper solution with the next firmware update..
Thanks for the tip to the redditor zenshark

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