Sunday, November 24, 2013

PS4's Dual shock 4 can be used on remote play for the PS Vita(video)

 Remote play is one of the most amazing features of the PS4.Sony's latest console was built from the ground up to work as a perfect companion to the PS Vita.With remote play you can take your PS4 games everywhere.Many people found the control set up complexed and uncomfortable though and preferred the dual shock 4 to be used while playing through remote play.Officially you cannot control your ps4 games on the ps vita screen using a dual shock controller,but there is a solution...

A you tube user called TheTrinityofwar has found a way to use your dual shock 4 on the ps vita,but it requires a second account to do so.The primary account won't let you use your controller but if you sign in using a second account you can actually control your handheld with a dual shock.Check his video below
Hopefully later on Sony will allow you to use your dualshock 4 on the vita even with your primary account.It will be a huge plus to the already excellent remote play feature.

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