Monday, November 18, 2013

Take a look at these next gen graphics.(PS4 NBA 2K14 trailer and remote play)

 2K's Visual concepts studio has experienced new game system launches over the years,but no one like this year with the launch of the Playstation 4.Taking advantage of the new system's technology the studio has developed a completely new experience.

  Featuring rebuilt game modes,a brand new gameplay engine and this stunning lifelike graphics thanks to the new ecomotion engine.NBA today is a new feature that allows to watch videos from previous day's matches directly from NBA.COM.MyGM,MyTEAM,MyCAREER are all here and improved for this next gen version.

And for the ps vita fans  who need a basketball game desperatelly,as there is no 2k native game on the handheld,here is a video from ELTHE GEEK from youtube showing some remote play action.Looks great also.

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