Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Football Manager Classic 2014 is coming to PS Vita on 11th April(new pics)

 Sports Interactive finally announced the release date of the much awaited Football Manager Classic 2014.The famous football management sim is coming to Sony's handheld for the first time on 11th April.
 For the first time FMC14 for PS Vita will allow cross platform play,which means  that players who already own the game on Mac,PC,Linux will be able to carry on a single continuous game,whether they play on the PS Vita or on their computer.The PS Vita version will be the first handheld title to feature the 3D Match Engine,identical to the classic mode of the PC.
 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) supported the project,which has been co developed by Sports Interactive,Hairlight Studio and Little Stone Software.
Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive: “It’s great to finally be able to release FMC Vita. This game has been the most technically challenging that we’ve ever worked on – we’ve essentially fit a PC game that needs loads of memory, a mouse and a keyboard into Sony’s wonderful handheld with a touch screen – and the help we’ve had from all of our partners has been wonderful. To be able to take your home computer save onto the road adds a huge amount to the Football Manager experience. For years, the dream of many Football Manager fans has been to be able to enjoy a full version of their favourite game wherever they are,” says Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. “Sports Interactive and SEGA have realised that dream on the PS Vita, and we at PlayStation are delighted with their ground-breaking results.”
Sega will publish the game and will be available as both a physical release and a digital download through the PSN store,but no price has been announced yet.

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