Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to pause game downloads on PlayStation 4

 PlayStation 4 is a great new console,but like any new product,there are some annoying issues that should be fixed with future system updates.One of the most frustrating issues is the inability to pause your game downloads,which means that sometimes you have slow multiple downloads and also loss of data because of a network failure or a power cut.
So here is a trick to pause your multiple downloads that will work most of the times(sometimes your files will appear corrupted).

  1. On your main PS4 screen go to settings,network(uncheck "connect to the internet")
  2. Go back to notifications,downloads and wait 2-3 minutes for downloads to fail
  3. Go back to settings,network and check "connect to the internet"
  4. Now back to notifications,downloads
  5. Choose the game download that you want to resume,press x hen press retry
  6. It will begin downloading and the others will stay paused

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