Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Amazing Spider Man on the PS Vita(unboxing and gameplay video)

 The late console port of the amazing spiderman is now available for the PS Vita.This open world adventure released over a year ago along with the mediocre movie,so Activision's desicion for a vita version is odd.Maybe they should have better made a good port of call of duty ghosts.

Metacritic's score for the PS3 was 71 and from what you have seen the vita version is not far from the original.Fans of spiderman and psvita owners,who are looking for an open world adventure won't be disappointed.A you tube user Marc the Geek posted this videos for the game.Enjoy some web action!


  1. I dont know how good the gameplay will be but graphics sucks!!!in the first scene thois giant insect shoots but nothing goes down...
    no destruction at all...unlike the graphics!!!!!!!!

    1. Well, you have to make compromises. The Vita is a powerful console, but not that powerful. So you have to decide between open world or fancy graphics. I think open world was the best choice.