Monday, August 25, 2014

Sony about PSN hack attempt

 As you have already experienced PSN was down from yesterday before Monday's Scheduled Maintenance. A group called “Lizard Squad” are apparently taking responsibility for the PlayStation Network down time in what is allegedly from a DDOS attack on the network. Sony’s issued an official response via Twitter: “Our engineers are aware of the issues and are working to resolve them. We’ll keep you posted — sorry for the inconvenience.”

Sony's answer to the PSN hack attempt from the PlayStation blog “Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic. Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed. We will continue to work towards fixing this issue and hope to have our services up and running as soon as possible. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.”
And the latest tweet from Ask PlayStation is that: Sony Network Ent. has reported that PSN service is returning, but you may experience slowness or login issues as the network stabilizes.

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