Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Freedom Wars sold well in Japan but it is not the system seller that Sony wanted

 Freedom Wars,the highly anticipated first party exclusive from Japan Studio released last week in Japan (26th June) and  has sold about 188.888 copies so far(digital copies not included).Sony hoped that the game would sell 1 million copies and would be a system seller but the hardware numbers are not that great as the PS Vita sold 22.192 this week,giving the system a 10000 unit boost from last week's numbers.

 To compare this numbers with 2013's best selling title God Eater 2 has sold in it's first week 264.831 and moved 90.754 PS Vita consoles.Soul Sacrifice another big hunting game sold less than Freedom Wars(111.962)but moved 61.444 PS Vita consoles.
 To sum up,the Japan market received very well Freedom Wars,but i think that Sony has hoped for better numbers especially in terms of hardware.

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