Friday, February 28, 2014

Cel Damage HD announced for PlayStation systems

 Finish Line Games announced the high-definition release of Cel Damage this April for PS3,PS4 and PS Vita.The good news is that the game will be cross buy for all versions.
 Cel Damage HD is a fast paced vehicle combat game borrowimg elements from Twisted Metal and Destuctrion Derby and will support four player split screen mode for console versions.The game will feature cel shaded graphics,6 playable characters,13 arena style stages,10 playable cars and over 30 weapon power ups.Take a look at this trailer from the xbox launch title


  1. Will it have online multiplayer? And when are they going to announce a new Twisted Metal? I will never buy a PS4 unless theres a TM.

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  3. it will have online multiplayer it's sure.As for twisted metal the last one was not a success in terms of sales,so i think there are little changes for a new one