Friday, December 6, 2013

Killzone Mercenary owners free some precious memory card space now

 Killzone Mercenary the best fps available on the handheld system and probably the best PS Vita title so far,is also known for it's large memory card space requirements.The first two patches were huge (over a 1gb)but Guerrila Cambridge released the 1.03update.

 The new update is about 358mb and once you download it,it frees from your memory card around 800 mb.Other patch features is that the start up valour screens will now be presented daily and not every time you enter the game,which means that you enter the fight a lot quicker.Additionally the update adds a quit functionality to player end summary screens,which is also a nice addition.
 This patch will not be the last,as Guerrila Cambridge plans to support the game with great updates,especially the two new free multiplayer maps.

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