Tuesday, December 10, 2013

H-Hour: World's Elite:Socom fans this game is for you(pics,video)

 H-Hour: World's Elite a project by David Sears(creative director of original Socom games on the PS2) has been successfully funded via kickstarter.The game is descripted as the spiritual successor to the original Socom shooters.Title is expected to be a PS4 and PC release sometime in 2015

 Back in the PS2 era,Socom series was the most popular third person tactical shooter and one of the earliest titles for PS2's online service in North America.10 Socom titles released over the years for Playstation consoles(4PS2,2PS3,4PSP) and the series sold around 15million copies worldwide.
 SOF studios want to repeat the success by creating a third persom team based shooter in the spirit of the Socom titles.Take a look at the screenshots and the leaked gameplay video below the feel of socom is everywhere.

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