Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PS Vita owners want to bring GTA on the handheld(petition)

 Grand Theft Auto,one of the best selling franchise,is a game that PS Vita's library is missing so much.Yesterday,Rockstar games announced that a remastered version of Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas is coming for the mobile devices this December.No surprise that a vita version wasn't on the list.

 Rockstar games released two PSP GTA titles and both were among the top selling games for sony's previous handheld.A GTA:SA port is something that PS Vita can easily handle.Maybe a GTA PS2 remastered collection  for the PS Vita would fit nice.I know it won't be a system seller,because of the games age,but it would have been a nice start for the franchise on the PS Vita.
 PS Vita owners want to bring the franchise to the handheld,there is a petition for the GTA:SA port here: and a tweet to rockstar and sony here: on Vita fans,let's try to get a GTA game!

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