Saturday, November 9, 2013

FIFA 14 next gen first full match video commented by FIFA'S world champion

Fifa's world champion Bruce Grannec plays and comments along with Mahoud Gassama a full match between Milan and Arsenal from EA Sports studios in Vancouver.So what do they say about the quality of the next gen version?

First of all players physics are crazy it's like they are in front of you.Crossing,passing and animation are beautiful there are many differenent animation on passing system.Player movement is more realistic close to reality especially in collision between the players.Ignite new engine has much more enhancements with tons of little details.EA Sports keeps fifa basis but adds new things that only next gen can handle.Fifa 14 current gen owners have been complaining about it being only
crossing and heading made ea sports to balance the game in defence and attack on that issue.Players are more heavy in the pitch and you can't always make the difference with speed like in current gen.There are many chances but player modeling and stadium atmosphere is like something always happening in the stands.Camera needs some time for adaptation because it is changing to what is happening on the pitch.The game speed is slower than the current gen which makes the gameplay better.


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