Monday, November 25, 2013

6 Awesome Playstation facts

 A youtube user called Vsauce3 released a great video about Playstation.There are some interesting information...

  1. Playstation  released  1995 in North America,but was originally intented to be a Super Nintendo add on.
  2. All 2418 officially released games would take up 1.49TB or 31 PS4 discs
  3. The memory card held 1MB equal to the largest NES game
  4. It would take 236 Playstations to achieve the processing power of 1 PS Vita
  5. The Playstation has 2MB of RAM,512 times more than Apollo 11's Guidance computer,which is still 0,02% of PS4's
  6. If all 102.49 million Playstations sold for the retail price of $299,it would be enough to buy every Major League Baseball team and give every person on earth $1.70

Video below

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