Friday, November 15, 2013

Sony's press event(all the news)

 Playstation 4 has just launched in NA and sony's press event gave us some new information for upcoming games including uncharted,infamous,mgs 5 and many more...

 Uncharted is coming to PS4.A teaser trailer showed no gameplay but at least we know what naughty dog is working at

 Sucker Punch unveiled a new trailer about their open world game,Infamous second son and set the release date at March 21,2014

 Destiny beta is coming first to PS4,Bungie announced.The game will be out sometime in 2014

 A new trailer shown about Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes confirmed that an exclusive PS4 mission called "deja vu" will be available when the games releases at SPRING 2014.In this mission you can play as the classic Snake!

 Adam Boyes  and Shuhei Yoshida were asked about the enigmatic The Last Guardian.The game exists but they didn't give us any more info.All 16 Sony's studios are working on PS4 games right now.Also Towerfall ascention,OUYA's hit game,is coming to PS4.

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