Sunday, November 10, 2013

Take a look at those free to play PS4 titles!

 Playstation 4 is the first console to launch and you don't have to buy a single game in order to play.All you need to do is buy the console connect to the internet in order to update to system software version1.50(approximately 300mb) and start downloading free games.3 free to play games will be available with the system's official North American launch on November 15.

 Zombie studios have ready for PS4's launch date it's highly customizable first person shooted called BLACKLIGHT RETRIBUTION.It 's been for a while now on the PC's and has a 75 metascore on metacritic.Not bad at all in my opinion...

 Take a look at the trailer from Zombie studios

 DC Universe Online releases for PS4 on launch date and won't be a simple port of the excisting PS3/PCversion.2000 updates has been made to make this MMOtitle based on DC comic book universe feel like a brand new experience.PS VITA remote play will be supported and there is a new companion app coming out this week.

 Digital Extremes PS4 port of it's PC f2p title features co-op mode,third person sword wielding ninja shooter will also be available day one.Of this port will also have tons of new content including new planets,weapons,modes and warframes.


  1. free games are nice games for our will these games be free for europe also?

  2. yes i am pretty sure that there will be available day one in eupore.but your wallet will cry for other reasons...