Thursday, November 14, 2013

God Eater 2 PS Vita's biggest Japan title this year is now available(Ps vita TV also)

 God Eater,the famous monster hunting series,has it's sequel ready and available in the Japan market for the PS Vita,PS Vita TV and PSP.The title is expected to be huge and hopefully  for Sony a system seller for it's handhelds and ps vita tv.

 Namco Bandai held an event in tokyo to celebrate the release of the game and shipped over half a million units for it's first day.Many fans attented,causing the surprise of the organizers because of  the working day.And,since it was the release date of the Playstation Vita TV,multiplayer feature was also unveiled and introduced.Next week's media crate's chart is the moment of truth for Sony,as everyone is expecting a boost in sales for the ps vita and a good start for the ps vita tv.

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